A few basic values underline our corporate philosophy. These values ensure that you, our customers, receive final products of the highest standard. Our consistency, reliability and relationships of trust that we develop with our customers and partners makes our company stand apart.


We are a group of dynamic, hard working people with great skills and product know how. Our efforts for continuous enhancement of production capacity and product development, lays the solid foundation for the present and future.


In our manufacturing processes, adaptation of vertically integrated structures and stringent quality control measures turns our products into standard setters.



Our focus on the following four principles has resulted in highly competitive and reliable products.


Research: To stand out in today's markets, companies need to rapidly respond to customers changing requests. Hydroplast is committed to continuous research and innovation supported by an expert R&D team that systematically analyzes our markets to offer products that provide real solutions to specific needs.


Technology: The entire production process, from product conception to delivery to the customer, is developed using the most advanced technologies to guarantee the highest quality and to minimize errors.


Quality: Our manufacturing processes are supported by a total quality system. Our products are subjected to demanding controls, including 100% verification of all types of fittings.


Service: Customer service is a primary focus of our human resources team. Our customers have direct access to an experienced technical and sales team to address any questions they may encounter regarding our products and their applications.




Looking back to how far we have come and our many achievements, we cannot help
but feel satisfied, we view every day as the first day of a new challenge.